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Sambhu Hari (India)

l   Impression of the campsite

Saga Prefectural Hokuzan Youth Retreat, will be a place packed with so much fun and frolic.  The campsite was indeed a place to be at. From the Barbecue to the athletic facilities that we used, the hiking under the light of the stars, I enjoyed beyond description. But, what I can describe are my feelings. During casino pa natet the camp, I was not just excited but also motivated, comfortable and energetic. The staff was exceptionally skilled, friendly and helpful. The facilities were at par with my expectations, especially the dormitory. All in all, the experience was great and I must thank Saga Prefectural Hokuzan Youth Retreat for giving this opportunity to APU Students.”


l   Please share your ideas or comments about the campsite

The only suggestion I feel that I ought to give is that there should be some more shops established wherein people can actually buy necessities (mainly drinks and food items).(必要なもの(主に飲み物や食べ物)を買えるお店があったらいいと思った。)